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Here are some of the actors and actresses behind the voices in The Lion King. Some of them you may recognise. If possible, the actor or actress's picture is put up next to their listing. If you want to see all the characters' pictures instead, head over to my characters page. 

I provided a link for each actor/actress name to the Internet Movie DataBase's Filmography pages. Just click on the actor's/actress's name to get to the filmography page.

(Webmaster note: On the previous site location, this page was split into three separate pages. However, it tended to be duplicated on those multiple pages. For the new site, I will be consolidating it only this one page. In light of that, the list will start with TLK and work it's way through the sequels. Characters will be lumped together, so if a voice actor changed in a sequel, it will stay below the other actor/actresses name.)



jtt white01 Young Simba: Jonathan Taylor Thomas - The Lion King

mattweinberg Young Simba: Matt Weinberg - The Lion King 1½

jasonweaver Young Simba (Singing): Jason Weaver - The Lion King

GZBRODER Adult Simba: Matthew Broderick - The Lion King, Simba's Pride, and The Lion King 1½

Joseph Williams 05 Adult Simba (Singing): Joseph Williams The Lion Kingand The Lion King 1½

camclarke Adult Simba (Singing): Cam Clarke - Simba's Pride

jamesearljones Mufasa: James Earl Jones - The Lion King, Simba's Pride, and The Lion King 1½

jeremyirons Scar: Jeremy Irons The Lion King

niketacalame Young Nala: Niketa Calame The Lion King

Young Nala (Singing): Laura Williams The Lion King

moirakelly Adult Nala: Moira Kelly The Lion King, Simba's Pride, and The Lion King 1½

sally dworsky Adult Nala (Singing): Sally Dworsky The Lion King

nathanlane Timon: Nathan Lane The Lion King, Simba's Pride, and The Lion King 1½

erniesabella Pumbaa: Ernie Sabella The Lion King, Simba's Pride, and The Lion King 1½

RowanAtkinson Zazu: Rowan Atkinson The Lion King

edwardhibbert Zazu: Edward Hibbert Simba's Pride, and The Lion King 1½

madgesinclair Sarabi: Madge Sinclair The Lion King

WG03 Shenzi: Whoopi Goldberg The Lion Kingand The Lion King 1½

cheechmarin Banzai: Cheech Marin The Lion Kingand The Lion King 1½

jimcummings Ed: Jim Cummings The Lion Kingand The Lion King 1½

guillaume Rafiki: Robert Guillaume The Lion King, Simba's Pride, and The Lion King 1½

zoeleader Sarafina: Zoe Leader The Lion King

michellehorn Young Kiara: Michelle Horn Simba's Pride

charitysanoy Young Kiara (Singing): Charity Sanoy - Simba's Pride

NEVENAME Adult Kiara: Neve Campbell Simba's Pride

lizcallaway Adult Kiara (Singing): Liz Callaway  Simba's Pride

ryanodonohue Young Kovu: Ryan O'Donahue Simba's Pride

jasonmarsden Adult Kovu: Jason Marsden Simba's Pride

genemiller Adult Kovu (Singing): Gene Miller Simba's Pride

suzannepleshette Zira: Suzanne Pleshette Simba's Pride

lacey chabert22 Young Vitani: Lacey Chabert Simba's Pride

Young Vitani (Singing): Crysta Macalush Simba's Pride

jenniferlien Adult Vitani: Jennifer Lien Simba's Pride

andydick Nuka: Andy Dick Simba's Pride

jerrystiller Timon's Uncle Max: Jerry Stiller - The Lion King 1½

juliekavner Timon's Mom: Julie Kavner The Lion King 1½

Flinchy: Jason Rudofsky The Lion King 1½

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